You've done the impossible. You've found something you love to do, and turned it into a business. It's kind of like magic...and then it's kind of like a truckload of work. And whilst everyone else is gabbing about living your dream life, you're not really sure if this is what your dream looked like. This then, is for you. I'm Lis, studio owner, creative director & strategist, ready to show you how to make your projects and work truly enjoyable again.

It's for creatives who work with clients like...
  • web designers
  • graphic designers
  • architects
  • videographers
  • ux/ui designers
  • photographers
  • copywriters
  • illustrators
  • letterers
  • design students

In short, if you're a creative (freelancer, studio, or agency) whose primary service is working with clients, and you know this has all got to be a little bit easier (and more profitable), this course was made for you. It's about sustainably building something you don't end up hating.

What's covered inside

MeetCreative is a self paced course that first takes a look at where you're currently at and where you'd really like to be, and is then broken up into the primary stages a project moves through, so you can work towards the latter. It covers the hard-to-figure-out details that actually let you do your work and by the end you'll know what to do, how to partner with better clients, earn more and actually get back to that dream. It's a no BS, straightforward course (no 7 figure sales promises around here - just a much happier you doing the type of work you think about a lot, in the kind of day you wish you had), that teaches you to add strategic value to your projects so you become an indispensable asset to your clients and leverages this to command higher rates.

Learn the tools and processes I used to go from $3k projects to $30-$50k projects (doing work I now adore), and apply these concepts toward the kinds of clients and projects you would really love to work on.

Audit, Branding & Positioning

  • Look at where you are now, take stock of your past projects and understand & develop your skills
  • Know what your expertise is and who your clients are so you can define what you do
  • Set goals using our very simple process
  • Lay out your business plan on one easy page (one that's actually useful)
  • Become confident in the services you offer and align your brand with this
  • Become the expert advisor that helps your client make good decisions and see new things, rather than an expense to your client to do X right now

Strategy & Project Design

  • Provide services that suit your skills, your clients & your goals
  • Attract better clients, leads & referrals so that all parties transact on a simple understanding; they need something which you provide and neither takes the other for granted
  • Manage client expectations like a pro
  • Set healthy boundaries with your clients & yourself so you provide the best working environment and project delivery
  • Learn what your clients are really trying to tell you or what they need and build your project around that
  • Learn how to actually cost out your projects and add value throughout

Intake Process

  • Develop an onboarding process that makes your clients feel prepared and welcome
  • Create your proposal template to land clients, understand requirements, develop a strategy and layout accurate timelines
  • Confidently communicate what you do, how you do it and why it costs as much as it does whilst addressing the problems your client has
  • Learn how to use service guides, welcome packs and questionnaires
  • Run meetings that feel good for everyone and position you right from the start

Project Lifecycle

  • Identify the processes and tasks you and your clients move through to build your workflow
  • Automate (where appropriate) & streamline your systems
  • Map out your customer lifecycle (understand the journey they go on), internal lifecycle & systems overlay
  • Work on the touchpoints of your business, how to position yourself better here and get the projects & clients you want
  • Put processes and boundaries in place for effective collaboration

Creative Process

  • Find out how the pro's present their work
  • Understand how to add more value throughout your project
  • Learn how to send items for feedback & request reviews
  • Know what to do about those changes, scope creeps and revisions (and know how to limit these before they happen)
  • Get a strong handle on receiving feedback, filtering it and actioning
  • Identify opportunities and leverage them now and into the future

Much more

  • Request constructive feedback to move through design phases (without all those frustrating change requests)
  • Effectively wrapup a project & continue to provide value (and hopefully pick up another project)
  • Provide a better experience for your client at each touchpoint
  • Put some productivity practices in place to live more (and be more profitable)
  • Easily get paid for your work, on time, every time
  • Learn how to push back, hold your integrity and exit gracefully

As service-based creatives, we all tend to go through the same things or end up in a similar spot - burning out from clients, figuring out how to book a consistent flow of projects (instead of teetering between deathly-slow months and deathly-busy months), keeping track of them (and actually getting paid on time), finding zero time to update your portfolio, do your accounting, or work on side projects (or that blog that could really do with a polish up). All the time comparing ourselves to others and wondering if it's the right thing or not. We end up doing things for the wrong reason: for clients (because you’re too nice), with projects (because you need the money) and for other people (because you want to be a team player). Inside are the tools to fix all this.

As of 2020, we’re now open year round at one low cost! See you inside.

Join the Course - $75

What you get

9 departments, 30 lessons

Taking you through every phase of the project lifecycle (like client intake, scoping projects, landing jobs & proposals, scheduling, project management, financials etc) and pre-client positioning, pricing, selectivity, ideal clients and feedback.

50+ Email Scripts

Covering every use from intake to completion, sticky client situations, sales templates, feedback reviews, saying no and more (so you can communicate elegantly and calmly like a pro).

Done for you templates

Native documents ready for you to download and use for proposals, services/work with us guide, welcome packet, customer personas, concept presentations, style guides, case studies and more.


A select number of targeted worksheets for use throughout the course for customer development, portfolio strategy, project analysis, audits and more (the course isn't filled up with a whole lot of useless PDFs - this is very specific for when you need it only).

Extra Lessons

Additional lessons that cover things like portfolios, rates + pricing, financials, scheduling, questionnaires, client gifts and specific tech tutorials etc.

Dedicated Support

Join the course and you'll receive quick support for any issues and comments. My team and I are also here to check over your lifecycle maps.

Behind the scenes examples including presentations, invoices, completion files, email requests and more, a database of curated resources for creatives, unlimited access, how to actually and realistically get your systems and tasks automated, tips and tricks and additional modules on things like building a team or expanding your business.

How it works

It's pretty straightforward. Signup and you're in. You'll receive a welcome email and you can get started immediately. We're not proponents of a 12-step-strategy-to-success or unrealistic timelines over here. I suggest you give yourself 3 months to slowly move through this course if you're also working on other projects in the mean time. That said, you could smash it out in a couple of weeks if you wanted. There are clearly outlined lessons & tasks in here and once you've gone through it, you'll have a successful system for your business from start to finish. Stop the overwhelm, get back in control, free up your time, earn more money and save years from your learning curve.


Join the course

Use the links here to join us inside the course. You'll have lifetime access and will receive a welcome email outlining how to start and what to do next.

Welcome inside

Login to the course and I'm sending you a big welcome! Time to learn how the course works and get stuck into the lessons as soon as you're ready.

Do the work

You know you need better processes and workflow in place so you can enjoy your life. The course steps you through exactly what you need to do (and where I can review and help you out).
This is your actionable, clear course to become a more confident, more profitable, and comfortable professional creative freelancer or studio.

Some questions you might have

Is this for me?

This course has been designed for creatives whether you've been in business for a number of years and feel everything could be much more streamlined or you haven't quite reached the results you want, you're focusing on creating a better experience for your clients, you need systems for your team, you're a freelancer who loves your work, a side hustler or a new design grad who's going to start up a business...or if you just want a behind the scenes look at a creative studio.

How is this course delivered?

All content is housed in a private, digital membership site, accessible by your login you'll create on sign-up. All of the modules and lessons are online in a user-friendly, custom interface and everything is available immediately. No dripping content or waiting for access - it's ready for you, at your own pace. Worksheets and scripts are also provided as easy, well designed downloadables. It includes lifetime access as long as it’s up, which at this stage is many years into the future.

Are there refunds?

All sales are final and non-refundable. If you have any questions on if this course is the right fit for you, please send through an email before purchasing to hello (at) and I'll talk through it with you and let you know if it is or isn't. I only want people to join up if it's a good match and useful for them. This course isn't how I make the bulk of my money so I'm not rushing to push people into it. It's just everything I know to work through client projects & run a successful creative business.

Why aren't you throwing in three bonuses valued at some impossible number that doesn't ever make sense?

Because I believe in ease and I believe in this program. It covers a hell of a lot of topics as it is (some have said it's the most comprehensive business course they've done) and it walks you through everything you'll want + access to me along with updates to the course from time to time. If the course doesn't sound like your jam, that's cool. One more bonus won't change that. And I'd prefer to leave tacky lures, convincing and selling to kitchen knives on home TV.