This course isn't here to sell you into some icky 6 figure making marketing scheme or tell you there is only one path to success - there isn't; there are many. Instead I'm here to help you shape your client business into a far smoother, strategic studio so you can work on higher value projects, become much more profitable, ensure your clients keep coming back, get your workflow in order and have a lot more time for your own works, ideas and life.

A little more about me

At this point you might want to know a little more about me. There's a photo of me below (on a significantly better hair day - they're rare) - hi! I run the Identity Division and have been doing so for 6 years now. I started on my own, learning web code languages, figuring out design and working very, very long days to bridge the gap between my ideas and my skills. Over the years of the good projects, the throw-it-all-in-and-quit projects and the tears throughout the way, the business grew up, we created a small team and I figured out a way to get everything running to a point where I loved my work, clients loved what we created for them and we developed into a strategic experience design studio.

We’ve worked on projects such as the Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu’s Book of Joy, innovative healthcare provider Smart Clinics, million-dollar making online courses, the world’s largest bedding provider Tempur Sealy, a training intranet for thousands of staff working with the worlds biggest charity organizations, Los Angeles fashion celebrity brand Kutula and we've got a whole lot more in the works.

This isn't a back story of overcoming major life struggles, implementing some tactics or service and now being a gazillionaire. This is just the story of someone who started from quite literally knowing nothing about business, or the field I was entering, to learning a lot, tearing my hair out, crying a bit, having no idea what I was doing half the time or where exactly I fit in and what I offered, comparing myself to everybody around me wondering what they did or how they were getting that client, or how they seemed to have it all together, to slowly figuring it out and finally becoming comfortable and confident in exactly what I do, who we work with and how we need to do it so it's best for everyone involved. It's also a story of someone who now finally has time to pursue all those other ideas that I never had time to do. And learn a lot of new code.

I went from being extremely unsure about everything, to feeling like a code and photoshop monkey for $3,000 projects, to taking control, understanding strategy and delivering deep, thoughtful and well paid experience design services that average around $30-50k per project and loving what I do again - and why I started this whole thing in the first place. Through it all, we’ve helped clients make millions of dollars, set up internal training programs, created new products and scaled development and systems to accomodate signficant growth.

What people are saying

The level of detail and the breakdown of the entire project lifecycle makes this course different from anything I've done before (or seen on the market).

The meetCreative course is a game-changer. Running a business can be overwhelming, with so many things to get right. Having someone take you through the whole lifecycle of a client project from initial contact to satisfied customer and beyond is worth the price of the course alone. Add on the templates, process setup steps, how-tos and everything else you've packed in here (and continue to add) and this is something I know I'm going to be using for a long time. Geeky side note: I've just set up my first project board for a client project. Beyond excited about much that streamlines our work together!

As a developer, designing isn't my strongest talent, but I can work with something already created. I love having base templates to work from and modify - such a time-saver. The level of detail and the breakdown of the entire project lifecycle makes this course different from anything I've done before (or seen on the market).

Sally Tudhope, Web Developer

You have everything covered from start to end.

I don’t do sugarcoating or say things I don’t really mean. It is so easy for your course, I don’t need to do either, it rocks so much! You have everything covered from start to end, for someone wanting to start a design-related business (or any other creative endeavor). The resources, guidelines and templates are amazing and truly helpful. This course is providing the structure I need to establish my business and beyond. Thanks for doing this, Lis, I am deeply grateful.

Olga Pontes, Website Designer

I'm earning more money and freeing up my time.

I didn’t really think I needed this course with my clients ranging from individuals to retail stores, but was SO glad I did it as it taught me so many things I didn’t even know I was missing. I've made just a few changes to my business processes and have already freed up extra time and smoothed my project management flow. My rates have increased, I’m able to wrap up client projects quickly and the scripts have navigated me through a few tricky customer requests. This is a really comprehensive and clear course that covers multiple components of running a small business all of which you can implement whilst still working… a lot smarter!

Jessie Miles, Illustrator

In the Daylight

You can tell that the content comes from experience in the industry.

I have taken quite a few online courses and they have all been lacking in some way. A lot of them cover theory or principals (a bit airy fairy) but don't give any real world examples. Or the goals aren't realistic for smaller businesses like me. Or they have interesting topics but don't go into much detail (stuff I could have just read on a blog). This course really stands out by having actual practical examples. You can tell that the content comes from experience in the industry and weeding out what works and what doesn't. There are scripts and templates that I can actually use in my business. The templates have been great. I've created a welcome pack and proposal already - these are things that have been on my to-do list for about 4 years!

I have been running my business solo for 5 years now and being able to peek behind the scenes of another creative business to see how they do things has been invaluable. It's been a great opportunity to reassess my business and really fine tune my processes. The best benefit is that the course doesn't expire. It has been a really busy year for me so it is reassuring to know that I can revisit the course again later on.

Nikki Phillis, Website Designer & Developer

The scripts & templates were awesome.

What an awesome course. I love it! After being in business for a number of years, it was such a good opportunity to refocus my direction and look at my processes. One of my favorite parts of the course were the scripts and templates. People who know me, know I have trouble saying no and these proven scripts really helped me put things in perspective and answer tricky questions and problems in a lovely, but assertive way. I'll be recommending this course to all creative studios.

Kristin Flanagan, Creative Director

Tin Mouse Marketing